Affiliation Status

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education upto Senior Secondary level. Affiliation number – 3530509.

The period of affiliation is from 1/04/2020 to 31/03/2023

House System

In an educational institution, the house system plays a vital role in furthering the aim of students. There exists a healthy rivalry among the houses to excel in academics, games, sports, PT display, cultural activities and other competitions. The prefectorial system in the school acts as extended hands of the administration to maintain high standard of discipline amongst the students.  The child appointments thus made  serve as a link between the students and the administration.

Our Approach

“The Guardian Teacher Concept”

We have introduced “Guardian Teacher” concept in order to ensure the overall growth of the students as they are closely monitored by the “Guardian Teachers”. To elaborate this concept let it be clear that students are divided into groups and their responsibility is vested on Guardian Teacher to act as a mentor.  The guardian teacher is responsible for watching their academic performance, overall growth, turn out, their active participation in all the relevant activities conducted by the school, pay special attention towards the weak and introvert students, liaise with the parents and give them the feedback about the child’s performance, develop reading habits, follow  the rules and regulations of the school and finally act as  a guide and counsellor of the child.

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