In the present day scenario the world has become a small village where the society is driven by the knowledge power. The education plants a seed of ethical and moral values in the minds of all, specially children during formative years of their learning. Education is important for every child as it opens new possibilities and horizons for them to explore and learn more and more. Good education is a necessity for all the learners. The kind of education a child gets at the nascent stage is determinant of his future perspective and outlook towards the society and value system. For parents the education of their children is immensely important and selecting a good school, where the child learns to grow, is even most important.  Sound education is one of the God’s  grace that we can bestow on our children. Education is not something that can be thrust on the children but can only be bestowed upon them through good schooling. It is important that an environment be provided which is conducive to the needs of the children and understands them psychologically and mentally well enough to be able to mold them into a perfect human beings.  This is exactly the kind of environment we provide at NANDA CONVENT SCHOOL, TANAKPUR where we have educators and not mere teachers.

Our Logo

The book in the center depicts the treasure of knowledge illuminated by the rising Sun rays. The children going to the school shows education for all, a journey of harmony, gender equality, purity, peace and friendships and the kindling of flames signify the struggle for victory, knowledge and wisdom, the light of spiritual knowledge and passing on the traditions from one generation to another. 



Nestled at the foothills of Champawat district,  NANDA CONVENT SCHOOL  is an English medium school in Tanakpur.  Located at the NH 125 it is very easy to approach as the roadways and taxi stands are about 200 mtrs and the railway station is about 1 km from the location of the school. Taxies and buses ply regularly during day and night. Known for its famous Poornagiri temple which is about 14 kms from here.

Our Aim

The aim of education is not merely filling the vessel but also to help children become better citizens of the nation and leaders of tomorrow.  We thus not only believe in making our children good citizens of the society but we believe in building leaders of the future in all spheres of life. Be it sports or studies we firmly believe in letting the children explore their talent and help them bring out the best in them.  We provide a solid  foundation to our children to explore their potential, enjoy schooling and develop strong interpersonal skills. We emphasise to make learning process easier, interesting and learner friendly. That is why we have taken a decision to offer every child a healthy environment to grow into a perfect human being. Here, students are encouraged to aim high in life and enjoy with an exciting curriculum that makes them build an attitude to become a lifelong learner with the skills, ability and confidence to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life.


You have to grow from inside out. No one can teach you, none can make you spiritual, there is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Swami Vivekanand

I had an ambition of a paradigm shift to set up one school to meet the aspirations of students of Tanakpur where the need for public school education was felt inescapable. I believe in skill building rather than textual literacy, developing vital life skills such as communication, creativity, management, leadership, decision making of the students and condition them to develop poise to give the shape which our nation requires in present day scenario.Nanda Convent School is an edifice of faith where the teachers are teaching and students are learning -beyond pen-paper and black board theory as education is a giant wheel with many spokes which a child got to understand to compete beyond boundaries.
I believe that a teacher can never teach unless he or she is learning himself similar as a lamp cannot light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame.Nanda Convent School provides an atmosphere with a  difference where student’s genuine concern, emotional growth along with intellectual excellence is always addressed and the students empower themselves develop their self esteem, self awareness and self confidence.  Sharing ideas, analyzing situation, and learning by doing are the essential skills which are honed in NCS to make the students ready to face challenges of rapidly changing world.
Swamy Vivekanand, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Professor (Dr) Yashpal are the ideals of my life and having spent my whole life as a teacher and Principal for the noble cause, made me think out of the box to transfer my knowledge and skills to the needed ones which I have acquired  as an educationist.
I profusely thank the parents and students who showed faith in us and being a part of this institute.

Ms Janki Kharkwal
MA (Eng and Hindi) M.Ed, PGCTE
(Master trainer in teaching English Guidance and Counselling and Value Education)
Chairperson and Managing Director


We want that education by which character is formed, intellect of mind is increased and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.

Swami Vivekanand

The utmost necessity for living a satisfying and multi-dimensional life lies in organising ‘self’ in different ways. It may be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and holistic perspective. We can understand our ‘self being’ by peeping inward and living within; as life separated from within or inner spirit leads to ignorance. We can exceed our ignorance by opening our inner capabilities and bring out inner strength to make ourselves useful members of the society.
Education is a tool that sharpens our intellect, nurtures discerning thoughts and wisdom and illuminates our inner self.  All this happens when we get a conducive learning environment.
Emergence of Nanda Convent School, Tanakpur under the benevolent patronage of Ms Janki Kharkwal, has contributed a new paradigm and now Tanakpur is experiencing  unprecedented transition with regards to the education of local children as most of the parents were in massive confusion to give Public School education to their children which they were dreaming of.
With the rigorous scholastic programmes, be it academic or non academic, we develop and nurture the different facet of our children. Holistic grooming, interactive teaching methods, healthy teacher-students relationships and child centric pedagogy give wings to the students which carry them to the desired destination and make them  ready to step into the global society with dignity, honour and integrity.
Besides  imparting quality education to its students, NCS is instilling and inculcating values and virtues such as honesty, trustworthiness, goodness, perseverance, piety, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness, unity and peace, benevolence, cleanliness and hard work in its students.
I believe that our great nation is empowered, enlightened and is an enterprising nation and I wish  to make it more strong in all front by multifaceted grooming of our young ones. Of course, our moto “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” will  prove to be true when our students dream it, feel it and mean it  and eventually accomplish their aims.
As Founder Principal of this prestigious institution, I feel myself responsible for shaping the lives of my students through my rigorous and untiring efforts and make them useful members of the society.

Mr BC Joshi
Founder Principal